Engineering tools on technical drawingDuring the design phase, we offer guidance based on the client’s goals and develop specific budgetary and schedule guidelines to achieve the design intent with maximum value. (While this process begins during conceptual design, it continues throughout the project.) Our extensive experience with high-level construction enables us to develop accurate cost projections early in the design process. In this way, PDI is able to keep the design within the clients budget, thus reducing or eliminating potential costly re-designs and delays.


il-estimatingWhen the design drawings are completed, we begin a thorough, intensive review and evaluation of the drawings and specifications while simultaneously distributing them to three subcontractors per trade for cost estimates. Each bid is input and analyzed according to price, ability and availability thus deriving the best value. An itemized breakdown using CSI phase codes is then sent to the client and their architect.


il-constructionDepending upon the scope of a project, either a project manager or a project manager and a superintendent are assigned. On larger or more complex projects, additional personnel are assigned as needed. Working with the executive team the Project Manager administrates the project by soliciting construction bids, negotiating and preparing subcontracts and purchase orders, tracking costs, evaluating and presenting options, reviewing subcontractor invoices for accuracy, etc. In comparison, a project superintendent supervises construction, prepares and tracks a comprehensive construction schedule, coordinates the subcontractor’s work, prepares and sends RFIs (request for information) to the appropriate design or engineering consultant and distributes that information to the appropriate subcontractors or venders.

The superintendent also fields technical questions from the owner, design/engineering consultants or subcontractors, and poses practical solutions to design conflicts, etc. In summary, the project manager administrates the project and the project superintendent conducts the day-to-day construction.


For a full year after the granting of a certificate of occupancy, PDI and its resources are at the client’s disposal to instruct the client in the use of systems and address warranty calls as the owner settles into their new residence. From our earliest involvement in a project to warranty and beyond, customer service is our goal and has been the key to building PDI’s reputation and making us who we are today.