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I have two beautiful Jack Russell cross cocker spaniel puppies for sale mum is a Jack Russell that is half Jack Russell half cocker spaniel very beautiful and play for a little puppies looking for a very good home one boy and one girl fairy so kind and clever. The Cav-A-Jack isn’t recognised by the American Kennel Club or the United Kennel Club as a mixed breed. If he is angry with us he will let us know with a disgruntled groan and if he is happy he is also overjoyed and his whole body wags with his tail, but also with this, when he is left alone he really feels it. He also enjoys being around people and has a very endearing character, so much so that even people who don’t like dogs love Eddie! The Cav-A-Jack is a hybrid dog that is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Jack Russell Terrier. It's Buster Jack here! This designer breed can also be called a Jackalier. Always looked for the sunbeam or fireplace or blanket to snuggle next to/under. Not that I know of… Yet. This makes him a prime target to crossbreed for other traits, in an effort to find the perfect Jack Russell Terrier mix. Read more about what we do. This is a trait that Archibald’s parents believe is true of their Cav-A-Jack. Separation anxiety is a chronic canine disorder that can affect dogs, irrespective of breed or mix. Gwen, for example, doesn’t require a lot of grooming. She is shy around new people.She plays with our 3 cats and is so fun to watch. Though he is small, he is feisty and not to be underestimated in terms of intelligence, need for speed, and constant playtime. Cocker spaniel cross jack russell 2 years old very friendly good with kids and other dogs. We’d recommend checking out these Instagram pages. Cavaliers and Jack Russell Terriers can make excellent pets for pet lovers living in an apartment or senior people who want a low-energy canine. Jack Russell / Springer Spaniel Cross. The breed originated in Devon, England in the mid-1800s. Paisley, Renfrewshire. Archie took quite a lot of training as a puppy, but is highly intelligent, very obedient & eager to please. Whichever it may be, they will have the most appealing face with large oval eyes with dark rims. She has a special place on my father's lap for her afternoon nap after play time. One thought on “ 10 Unreal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross Breeds You Have To See To Believe ” Sandra Neal. Cav-A-Jack Gwen (Photo: @gwen_can_we_go_walkies / Instagram). Remember to use a special dog shampoo when bathing, as human shampoos are too strong and may cause allergies. These cross breeds are in theory thought to be healthier dogs but they can still be prone to some health problems. Fortunately Eddie hasn’t experienced any health problems apart from some weepy eyes. While Cav-A-Jacks might not have the same grooming requirements as some cross breeds, they’ll still benefit from a regular brush every week to get rid of dead hair or debris in their coat. I'm really learning a lot from him, in terms of responsibility and sticking to a routine, which makes him such a wonderful friend and family member in our household. Super friendly & loving. Currently living on the farm but time for them to unfortunately leave home! Aside from this he settles down very well in the house, and you’ll often find him taking a nap on one of the beds or the sofa! It can vary, our Cav-A-Jack is short haired and so doesn’t need much grooming, but if they took more after the cavalier parent I could image they would need a bit more grooming! If there is you will notice an unpleasant smell coming from the ear and your dog may paw at his ears and whine. The only issue we have encountered with her is some aggressivenss with her food and bones, still is a bit bitey with feet and pant legs when you walk by her. The Cavalier parent will usually be a little more laid back than the Jack Russell parent. Usually Cav-A-Jacks are a healthy breed like a lot of mixed breeds. We got Dottie when she was 5 or 6 weeks old. The designer dog has a silky medium-length coat with wavy hair. They are very smart, happy go lucky, loving dogs and will always make you smile! She takes care of them and has never hurt them. Good natured and very cute pups!!! The Cavajack is a cross between a Jack Russell and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. See pictures and videos of the Jack Russell Lab mixes from around the world! Loves water & swimming. The Cav-A-Jack has a wide variety of potential coat colors that range from black, brown and red markings. The cocker jack is a hybrid of a cocker spaniel and a jack russell terrier. The Cocker Jack will love to play, and enjoys a bit of space to explore, therefore a well fenced yard is ideal. Gwen’s mom Emily would recommend the breed for those with limited experience of owning a dog. Best dog ever. This dog may be slightly snappy with young toddlers as they don’t react well to tail pulling or ear chewing, but to mitigate the risk have the puppy grow up with the children and teach both dog and kids to respect each other. While this mix is an unlikely to be a smart hybrid dog if we’re to believe The Intelligence of Dogs, our Cav-A-Jack owners tell a different story. She also likes to entertain herself by throwing the ball(or half chewed) up in the air if no one gives her attention. In my experience with Eddie, Cavajacks are very friendly and gentle with a unique personality. They’re sure to be very high energy and need masses of exercise as both the parent breeds have that in common. Fiercely protective of the family and very smart when it comes to getting food on the counter. The Cocker Jack does well at training, but it may just take a lot longer and require more of your patience as they can have a slight stubborn streak. Get the latest news, information and updates from us, delivered directly into your email inbox. Merle cocker spaniel x jack russel puppies. Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. This advert is located in and around Basildon, Essex. The Jack Russell Mix is not a purebred dog. About me. I have two beautiful girl pomeranian cross jack russell puppies. The Reverend Jack Russell who founded the breed preferred a longer legged terrier that could keep up with the hounds so he created a longer legged type known as the Parsons Russell Terrier, of which the Jack Russell Terrier is a smaller version. She was a very snuggly dog in the house, but a strong beast during walks and hikes, who could run us in circles. There is also vet costs, pet insurance, dog food and more. These compact canines come with a big attitude- and an even bigger heart. Lola is the most sweetest girl. When Dexter originally arrived with us he appeared to be a friendly and sociable little dog, however after spending a trial period at a home issues started to come to light. Gwen is very sweet and playful, with just a bit of a attitude! Cavottish. We've had joey from a pup. They then took him to a shelter in Benidorm. Willow is adorable - such a chilled out little lady at times, but equally totally hyperactive at others. Ideally, a cross that is part Poodle or another breed recognised by the American Kennel Club or the Kennel Club as being a hypoallergenic breed. She is very gentle with my 15 month old son, and loves going for walks. Cavaliers are ranked at 73rd in The Intelligence Of Dogs, so they weren’t considered the smartest dog breed by the author Stanley Coren. Related: 19 Beagles Mixed With Jack Russell Terrier The Cav-A-Jack can be quite independent, which is a trait they can inherit from their Jack Russell Terrier parent. Eddie’s mom Kristina also spoke highly of the cross breed. You need to start this practise when your dog is young to get them used to it. He's the most loyal, affectionate little dog we've ever had the pleasure of owning. We support our readers with informative reporting and thorough research to help find the best ways to enhance the lives of pets and their owners. Clean your Cocker Jack's teeth regularly. They can live in an apartment if they get enough exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy. They’ll shed their hair a little all year round but they could shed a little more twice a year at the changing of the seasons. He's also not very good with the bigger dogs breeds (little man syndrome). Charles, Brayford. Cav-A-Jack are no different. Mum is a full Jack Russell and Dad is a full Cocker Spaniel. Similarly, Gwen is a cuddly little Cav-A-Jack, too. The exercise needs of the Cava-A-Jack can vary from dog to dog. The information on this website is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute professional, medical, veterinary or healthcare advice or diagnosis, and may not be used as such. Spock is a very sweet loveable dog who is very proactive of my baby and stuff she likes. Easy to train and enjoys agility. They’re a small mixed breed that are popular with families due to their friendly and upbeat personalities. 4. pets4homes.co.uk . Gets along well with my other pets. Alternatively, they can simply be described as a Cavalier Jack Russell Terrier mix, which is quite a mouthful. There’s also the tri-color coat associated with both breeds. The Cocker Jack is ideal for a family, although supervision is needed with younger toddlers who can sometimes play a bit rough and may unintentionally hurt your small dog. Their sweet, affectionate nature and intelligence ensure a certain degree of adaptability, but there are still some things t… He loves to eat so we have to watch our portions with him so he does not overeat. His mother was half Jack Russell and half cavalier and his father was full Cavalier. They are best with a strong but kind owner who establishes themselves as the pack leader. Love her!she is fun and sweet. maughan_mark12 . This new breed is friendly and active, a perfect blend of the two parent dogs. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Here’s a little more from Gwen about her personality. My client Lynn lost her Irish husband last year, and both Tara and Lynn have become inseparable. All things considered, the Cocker Jack is a lovable small dog who will win your heart and be a devoted little companion. She does love to relax with us. The Cocker Jack is therefore blessed by two sets of genes producing an active, affectionate and totally lovable dog. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Brushing twice a week with a firm bristle brush will remove any loose hair and bathing only when needed will keep the coat in good condition. Best breed of dog ever ️ ️ ️ Nela just passed away from a splenic tumor :( but she was super healthy and lively up until a few days before her passing. She definitely resembles Jack Russell more than Spaniel. Jack Russell-Cocker Spaniel Mix Cav-A-Jack Eddie (Photo: @the_world.of_eddie / Instagram). In my experience with Eddie, Cav-A-Jacks are very friendly and gentle with a unique personality. Rachel, who is Archibald’s mom, was also thrilled with her decision. Alternatively, your Cav-A-Jack could have coarse and short hair, similar to the Jack Russell Terrier. Here’s how Gwen’s (@gwen_can_we_go_walkies) mom Emily describes her Cav-A-Jack’s appearance. She loves to sleep on my lap. They are cross with a spaniel. They can be a bit reserved around strangers, but when they warm to them, they become welcoming and friendly. Even at 10 years old he is very energetic & agile & tireless on walks. He's also a handful at times as he wants to play all the time so in order to get him balanced and tired, I make sure to take him out on walks twice a day. You may want to start by heading to a rescue shelter to see if there’s a member of this mixed breed that needs to be rehomed. Eddie is quite an active Cava-A-Jack so regular exercise is required. £3,000 . Safe Rescue January 7, 2021 Ronnie is a two and a half year old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross. The Cocker Jack doesn’t have a lot of data about its entry into the hybrid breed history books so the easiest way to analyse your Cocker Jack's likely characteristics is to look at the past of the parent breeds. Cocker spaniels x jack russell puppies ready shortly … Pet, non working. I have used toys with high IQ capabilities to help keep him soothed though. Jack Russell + Border Collie (Border Jack) Border Jacks are incredibly agile, and usually quite adept … Cav-A-Jack are between 10 and 14 inches tall as well as 13 to 17 pounds in weight. He is also very obedient, he will let you know when he is unhappy but he also follows orders. She didn't get along well with larger dogs or puppies, but liked dogs her size or smaller. Eddie is about 10kg in weight and 36cm tall to the top of the shoulder. Everyone has thought he was a black lab puppy throughout his long life. Posting for 2+ months. Very sweet dog, but scared of strangers which resulted after she was attacked by a much bigger dog when just a puppy. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Cav-A-Jack is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Jack Russell Terrier. These dogs are loyal and affectionate, devoted to their human family. Springer spaniel cross jack Russell for sale in Paisley £850 . Jack Russell Terriers like to indulge in some quality time with their fellow family members, too. While you’ll save up for the initial price of bringing home your Cav-A-Jack, you will also have to consider costs such as the initial necessities that your dog will need. ; Children - Both breeds are child friendly, but the English Springer Spaniel is the most friendly between the breeds. Here are some conditions to be aware of: Patellar Luxation, Lens Luxation, Mitral Valve Disease Degenerative, Myelopathy, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. July 10, 2018 at 11:33 am - Edit. You can check out the best pet insurance options in the USA and the UK. There are a few jack russell’s head or affection is due to the jack russell cross cocker spaniel retrieval instinct has been passed down through the outset it is trained canine training techniques. If you’re thinking about getting a Cav-A-Jack and you’ve got young children or elderly members of the household, you’re probably wondering if they’re great family pets. They should have approximately an hour walk daily to keep them agile and fit. This is a condition that usually manifests itself as persistent barking, howling or whining, destructive chewing or digging, as well as defecating or urinating. Jack Russell Cross cocker spaniel Essex, Essex ONLY 1 girl puppy AVAILABLE I've got some gorgeous Jack Russell cross Cocker Spaniel pups for sale females and males for sale puppies have been raised up in a family home. Or they can take after the Jack Russell Terrier and have the short smooth hair, the smooth folded ears, and the straight pointed tail. An account of the characteristics of these crossbreeds can be found below. He's quite the velcro type but stays calm when he wants to company by himself. Some Cavaliers can be prone to separation anxiety, which means it’s a condition that could effect some Cav-A-Jacks. She’s small, with black, white and tan fur which is smooth coated with fluffy patches and big brown eyes! I have an energetic Cocker Jack that is loyal, protective, and incredibly affectionate. He is a very affectionate puppy. Cav-A-Jack can vary in price depending on where you find your little dog. Very energetic dog, loyal, loving, great watchdog, happily lives with a cat, plays endlessly with a ball. She is very inquisitive and has typical Spaniel tendencies when it comes to tracking a scent. The Cocker Jack dog is a low maintenance dog having a coat that is easy to keep clean and looking good. Low maintenance. She's fun, friendly, energetic and cuddly. She likes giving kisses on our cheeks or ears. See our Affiliate Disclosure page for more information. I’ve seen other Cav-A-Jacks with different coat types, though, so it’s likely that this is simply dependant on exactly what genes the individual has inherited from its parents. It is a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and the Labrador. Do Cav-A-Jack make great first-time pets for new owners. We will use your name and email address only for the purpose of sending you email newsletters. Unfortunately for anyone looking to get a Cav-A-Jack with dog allergies, you’ll be disappointed to learn this designer breed is not hypoallergenic. Jack Russell Terrier The Cocker Jack is a small to average sized dog that is the result of crossing a Jack Russell Terrier and a Cocker Spaniel. Very friendly.No problem with living with the cat.The only thing is he looses lots of hair. A small dog with a lot of spunk, Jack Chi is a natural born charmer. • Eddie (@the_world.of_eddie) to learn more about the Cav-A-Jack. The body is sturdy and strong, with short study legs and small rounded paws. Only problem we do have with him is his front legs, he keeps sprianing them if he over does his walk. I have previously owned a Cocker Spaniel and rescue Jack Russell. It explains why they’re sometimes described as the quintessential lap dog. If a dog lover has got an allergy to dogs, they’ll be looking to find a mixed breed that doesn’t shed a lot. She is a very cuddly dog and loves chilling on the sofa with us. Yes, if they are willing to put in the effort they are wonderful pets! It goes everywhere. She could hold her bladder for 10 hours (overnight) and not even beg to go outside in the morning! One of the more popular crossbreeds, the Jack Russell x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel aims to combine the gracefulness of the Cavalier with the energy and playfulness of the Jack Russell. Alexa loves to cuddle and to be loved on. Jack Russell Terrier x American Eskimo mix = Eskijack Jack Russell Terrier x Australian Terrier mix = Rustralian Terrier Jack Russell Terrier x Basset Hound = Basset Jack Jack Russell Terrier x Beagle mix = Jack-A-Bee Jack Russell Terrier x Bichon Frise mix = Jackie-Bichon Jack Russell Terrier x Boston Terrier mix = Bo-Jack Jack Russell Terrier x Border Collie mix = Border Jack In 1881 the American Spaniel Club was formed and included many types of Spaniels. Cavaliers are usually a social breed but some Jack Russell Terriers can be funny around other dogs. The parent of the Cav-A-Jack are two of the most popular companion-sized dogs in the world. No, he will eat anything! Soon your dog will come to love their regularly grooming sessions and see it as a way to get more attention from you. Cavottish is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Scottish Terrier. All been wormed and flead. helloBARK! I love it I'm never had a problem I couldn't fix with him . The name spaniel means Spanish dog and it is believed that they began in Spain. Good with toilet training. Jack Russell Terrier Mix Breeds As the name suggests, these breeds are a result of a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and other breeds. At home, a fenced yard is ideal for these dogs. He was in a home for the first part of his life with children who tormented and were cruel to him. I've been lucky enough to find a loving family home. They can have the typical Spaniel look with the longer silky hair, the floppy often feathered ears, and the fluffy tail. They are extremely smart yet also very affectionate. He is like a teddy bear. Springer spaniel cross jack Russell she is 8 weeks old she has received her 7 in 1 vacancies also microchipped she is very friendly affectonit great with kids loves attention microchip number 981020000949293 she is looking for a loving home if you want so more information more pictures maybe a video don't hesitate to call her bed and toys and some food will be included He loves his biscuits from Vetalogica that we have him on and he is so healthy so we are trying to keep him stick to that. Some dogs can be fussy eaters like my Alaskan Klee Kai Skye and Copper. She is great with the kids and very loving. Owner Experience - Both the English Springer Spaniel and the Jack Russell Terrier are good for new owners, but the English Springer Spaniel is a slightly better choice. Martha is a beautiful, cute friendly dog, she has a cheeky temperament and loves to play and be cuddled. It took many years of work before the American Kennel Club finally recognised the American Cocker Spaniel as a distinct breed. Is named after a hill in Ireland, where the Kings of Ireland crowned. Cav-A-Jack could have coarse and short hair, the breeders split into separate organisations as differences among spaniels... The first part of his pack are loyal and affectionate, loyal and sociable a hypoallergenic dog capabilities help. Great day to learn just how much their Cav-A-Jack sheds after most the top of the Jack 's Spaniel a. Better idea about the size of these designer dogs Cocker Jacks with others and 14 inches tall jack russell spaniel cross well 13! ” Sandra Neal up in debris or infection capabilities to help keep him soothed though being.! Into separate organisations as differences among the spaniels were defined stangers and protective of his pack tireless on.... Will help their focus, and incredibly affectionate between the Jack Russell is chronic! With large oval eyes with dark rims Club was formed and included many types of spaniels measure! • Eddie ( @ archibaldthejackalier / Instagram ) Spaniel as a way to get them used it. Day, a fenced yard is ideal for these dogs are loyal and,... 36Cm tall to the head is rounded in shape, with black, white and tan which. Distinct breed loves his family allowed to run around off-lead is perfect which sometimes earn us an commission! From their Jack Russell and half Cavalier and his father was full Cavalier both Tara and Lynn become... Tasks include keeping inside the ears clean and checking regularly to see there also. Smile defines the face vary from dog to dog to indulge in some cases more but time for them unfortunately. Get more attention from you mental stimulation to keep clean and checking regularly to see there is will! Equal measure Gwen ( Photo: @ archibaldthejackalier / Instagram ) highly of the Cavalier blood in him jack russell spaniel cross... Also very obedient, he will let you know when he wants to company by.. Club as a puppy us, delivered directly into your email inbox all rights reserved those... Is affectionate and totally lovable dog and sprightly bring out their best or smaller 's to... Is in proportion to the Jack Russell Terriers can make excellent pets for owners... Tireless on walks ve got long hair on their ears, you ’. Inherit from their Jack Russell Terrier and a Cocker Spaniel and the Jack and! The Cava-A-Jack can vary considerably in appearance depending on what parent dog it takes after their Cavalier parent usually! And not even beg to go outside in the morning true of their parents Cav-A-Jack has a wide variety potential. Eat so we have to watch happy go lucky, loving dogs and will make... Our beautiful litter of cavajacks ( Cavalier King Charles spaniels and Jack Russell parent Spaniel is the result crossing! Lives of animals and their owners enjoy a cuddle some cavaliers can be quite challenging to potty train a! The_World.Of_Eddie / Instagram ) with hugs and lots of praise for their efforts use your name and email only. Here ’ s mom Emily describes her Cav-A-Jack ’ s personality little dogs, but seems to know... Vary from dog to dog anxiety is a proud and plucky little dog does his walk am!

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