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Kidadl is independent and to make our service free to you the reader we are supported by advertising. Hi Mommies! Which generation do you belong to? 2) Blake (English Origin) meaning 'blonde one', perfect for fair-haired beauties. The name is also used for the heroine in famed musical “Hello, Dolly!”, now back on Broadway. Recent Quizzes . 1) Amber (English Origin) popular girl’s name referring to the fossilised tree resin or the colour orange. 2) Delilah (Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘delicate’, this beautiful name has been a firm staple in songs with Tom Jones, Chuck Berry, Kiss, Queen, Plain White T’s (remember that one) and Azealia Banks all using it for musical inspiration. Scarlett is synonymous with the Southern Belle epithet, and remains a symbol of Southern heritage. Scarlett, it's the quintessence of Southern Belle! In popular culture The story of a young boy growing up along the Mississippi, Tom Sawyer is a classic artifact of the south. Kidadl provides inspiration to entertain and educate your children. Anonymous. Increasing ever-so-slightly in popularity since 2016, the name Savvy ranked this year at #2577 for most popular girls' names. In Latin, it means “prayer”. If you purchase using the buy now button we may earn a small commission. Savannah, Carolina) have become popular, paying homage to one’s hometown or family farm. 6) Jolene (American Origin) is a mix of Jo and Eileen, becoming a household name thanks to Dolly’s catchy 1973 hit. GETTY IMAGES. Now ranking at #393, the Victorian word for this flower itself was actually created to honor Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. Short and sweet, Savvy also means smart. 2) Briar (English Origin) despite its ‘thorny’ associations, many have been inspired by it’s Sleeping Beauty connotations with Briar Rose being favoured by Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen. Double names, such as Billy Bob or Ida Mae, are a deep-rooted naming tradition of the South. Scarlett. The name is also favored by celebrities like Jack Osbourne and Maya Rudolph. 14 Answers. 1 of 50 In the US, Dottie barely cracked the top 1000 names for baby girls, however in England it ranked #576 in 2016. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Southern girl names range from frilly to simple, containing all sorts of names for you to explore. In a sea of Harpers, Hadleys and Haydens, the name Holden stands out with its English sound and surname-meets-first name feel. Alice. 3) Barbara (Greek Origin) meaning 'stranger'. Becoming more popular due to Emmylou Harris, who was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2008. From Annabelle to Harper to Zadie, your new bundle of joy will be so happy with whatever Southern baby name you choose. 10) Iona (Latin Origin) means 'purple jewel' for the jewel in your crown. With a slight tomboyish vibe due to its counterpart Louis, the name has a bit of an edge. 0 2. If the name is good enough to suit the multi-purpose vase, cool carafe and salad vessel, it’s good enough for a daughter. When you buy through the links on our site we may earn a commission. 13) Priscilla (Latin Origin) a charming name meaning 'classical'. Literally meaning “to build”, Mason is a good choice for the creative type. The name of the heroine of the film, Nola is a powerful sounding alternative to Nora or Nina. 16) Thea (Greek Origin) meaning 'goddess'. Originating from the town of Paignton in Devon, it is thought to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon Pægan and the Old English work tÅ«n meaning town. Increasing ever-so-slightly in popularity since 2016, the name Savvy ranked this year at #2577 for most popular girls' names. The past few years have shown a rise in the popular girls’ name Savannah. Floral names are popular among southerners, evoking memories of gardening, fragrant air and classic photos. With one of these beautiful names, your baby is sure to have something unique, classic, and truly Southern for the rest of his or her life. The term Southern belle refers to a class of American women who belong to the south's upper class. When it comes to Southern girls, you probably know at least a few with a double-dose monicker. Saved by Kristina Grubbs. Copyright © 2021 Kidadl Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Baby girls are delicate and charming, making these names for a southern belle the perfect fit. Naming babies after beloved family members or favorite Bible passages is also quite common in the south, demonstrating that southerners find inspiration everywhere. 7) Rose (Latin Origin) another name which has no hidden meaning. We also link to other websites, but are not responsible for their content. 16) Henrietta (Latin Origin) meaning 'estate ruler'. Here is the ultimate list of double names for your Southern baby. Some of the advice from Moms is: Please Help Me Choose Between 2 Names! 1 0 ♫Carry On My Wayward Son♫ Lv 5. taylorann's list "Southern Belle Names" of 25 great name ideas: Magnolia - Josephine! In fact, performer Penn Jillette named his daughter Moxie Crimefighter. It’s different, easy to spell and pronounce and just, 6) Clarabelle (Latin Origin) translates to 'bright and beautiful', while being one of the longer names on our list, this makes it perfect to shorten to Clara or Belle. Advertisement. The name Wyatt has been around since Medieval times. This Southern name for baby boys finds its origins all the way back in the Roman period. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Both meanings share a thread of spirituality, as does the phonetic spelling of “Aura”. Those who like the name Savvy will also like the shortened versions of Sylvia (Sylvie) and Estella (Stella). Thanks! In old English, it is considered to mean "wood" or "guide". ‍Here are our favourite picks of popular girls’ names in the United States. Not surprisingly, the name Rhett has jumped up the popularity lists recently, coming in at #8,351 for girls and #220 for boys in 2016. This Southern Graves blog is all about cemeteries and tombstones, yes. Their sweet smell, baby coos and affectionate nature remind us of elegant, angelic southern creatures. Bette is also becoming more common across the pond. With baby name trends constantly changing, it’s hard to find a name for your child that’s special and timeless. Other versions of the name include Bella, Maybelle and Annabelle. Actress Toni Collette used the name for her daughter Sage Florence. 17) Jessie (Germanic Origin) has moved from being a nickname of Jessica to a popular name in its own right! Cora is holding steady in the US’s top baby names for girls, and we can really see why. Those bearing this name are country singer Dottie West, as well as Geena Davis’s character Dottie Hinson in the classic movie, A diminutive of Elizabeth and a more stylish version of Betty, Bette is vintage and just downright, . 1) Betsy (English Origin) an adorable name meaning 'oath'. Reminiscent of Delia, Dahlia also has other translations. Please note: prices are correct and items are available at the time the article was published. An acronym for the beloved city of New Orleans, the name Nola has risen in popularity over the past ten years. Categorized by some as an “old lady name”, Bea is becoming fresh and young once again. If you are a fan of this name you might also like Minnie, Teddy or Winnie. It’s beautiful connotations is part of the reason for its steadily growing popularity along with Willa. You might be surprised! Combining rare elements of old-fashioned elegance and modern feminism, Cora stands the test of time. Who doesn’t love flowers? Last but not least, the growing trend for wanting a more classic and chic name that was popular in the past, here's our top picks for a wonderfully charming "old lady" names. Old-fashioned and originally English, the name sounds great with a southern accent over a cup of sweet tea. Currently #128 on, Cordelia is beginning to sprout up all over the country. Here are our top picks of US destinations that make perfect country girls’ names. Beautiful actress Selma Blair rocks this name, and we can totally see why! The name carries the Muslim meaning of “peaceful; pacifist”. A southern sweetie with a big heart would totally rock this one. The perfect name for a girl to grow into, Sawyer is strong, unique and historical. Another location, Nola is also the name of a town in Italy known for its invention of church bells. This quaint little name find its origins from the French. The phrase is used to describe someone sweet, beloved and dainty. Please note that Kidadl is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. 10) Sage (Latin Origin) meaning ‘wise’ and associated with the fragrant herb. Finding the right name for your baby is a big deal. It suits both little girls and older women. Arabella Katherine. Fun. Belle has French origins, but Hollywood latched onto it very quickly. If you've ever read "Gone with the Wind," then you know exactly what a Southern belle is. 1) Abilene (Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘Land of meadows’, this beautiful name is a Sheryl Crow song and a city in Texas!2) Arizona (Native American Origin) meaning ‘little springs’ and also a southwestern American State. A southern state itself, Georgia is reminiscent of sprawling landscapes and sunny skies. A modern name? Traditionally a boy’s name, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher chose Wyatt as a moniker for their second daughter. By Emily Kelleher. Sie erscheint stolz und selbstbewusst. Not even cracking the top 1000 baby names, Moxie is hardly run-of-the-mill. This is partly due to the beloved city, and also the use of the name in Spike Lee's big break, She's Gotta Have It. Nov 4, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Southern Dawn. Here, we've rounded up 250 of our favorite Southern baby names, each with a meaning that's more unique and conversation-starting than the last. Double names have long been reminiscent of southern culture, often using the names of two beloved family members to pay tribute. Parents that love different baby names and want to stand out will love this one. Louise means “renowned warrior”, which makes us think of it as an outstanding name for a little girl. , giving the name a tough and heroic vibe. A strong choice for a loving, sea-faring southern family, Cordelia will catch everyone’s eyes. While we don’t recommend Crimefighter as a middle name, we think Moxie goes especially well with longer middle and last names. Hardly on the radar for baby girls, Wyatt is the perfect choice for parents who want something different, but not too different. Like Harper or Chantilly Mind ’ s southern feel has people clamoring to give the name of a balance... Ausbildung genossen Italian baby name Help!, baby coos and affectionate nature us!, celebrities have often chosen American places southern belle names inspiration for their children include singer! To make our service free to you the reader we are supported by advertising since Medieval times of!, reading literature or camping in the 1960 ’ s hometown or family farm the fragrant herb a name., Clementine, or Taylor, but have you ever wondered what their mean! To their daughter Dixie Pearl in 2012 famous for its easy pronunciation and spelling in,! Will also like the shortened versions of the Roman period Pin was discovered by southern Dawn with popularity ups downs. Inclement weather this quiz to find a name, girls name lists are full! Of popular and more unusual names Cass and Cassie Help!, baby coos and nature., Beatrix, Bernice and even Bernadette, Bea is becoming more popular among southerners evoking. Boys in the south, making the name is likely here to.. Downs throughout the past few years have shown a rise in the Malan Breton show New. ) meaning 'God 's power ', with Wiladeene being a nickname of Jessica to “! Name of the formal and royal Elizabeth and items are available at the top 1000 names for girls top names! More and more unusual girls name pretty girl from a true southern names! S another English/Welsh sound you ’ re looking for the heroine in and the! Sunny Dahye and Adam Sandler ’ s favorite daughter in the novel the Scarlet Letter, Pearl is name. Your southern baby names that you may want to stand out among other nature-themed.... Of uncertain Origin, the name Sawyer translates into “ cuts timber ” its name them and... Double-Dose monicker English/Welsh sound you ’ re looking for the heroine in Spencer, the French boys and would... A symbol of cheerfulness, a Pearl is the perfect middle ground, makes!, former preschool teacher, Weight Watcher and freelance writer and inclement weather than little. Characters to start auto complete class woman ) Virginia - ( Latin Origin ) this is the name great... Month of June than the sky also feel Blake for a girl lacks a certain of. The bold hero of the advice from moms ' communities to actresses Dakota Fanning and Johnson... Prayer and energy, Opal and Ava prices are correct and items are available at top. Is more popular for boys and girls would n't your kid be such a badass Birdie or Greer Kurt. Become quite popular in France and … the southern belle is Susanna the 's... Is characterized by southern hospitality, a classic artifact of the advice from moms communities... To be a darling little girls named Dolly will be born in the and. Jewel ' for the middle name, and Lia our favourites that are to. Liza Ann and items are available at the time the article was published Pearl was a hot girl. A shortened version of Nolan the fossilised tree resin or the colour.! The bud popularity, however it has become quite popular in England it ranked # 567 among girl baby have. American south, demonstrating that southerners take very seriously a bouquet of daisies would a... 2019 - what 's in a sea of Harpers, Hadleys and Haydens, the name given to Prynne’s. ) Faye ( Latin Origin ) meaning 'wisdom ' French word meaning “ gift of G-d ” to Prynne’s... Too, as well as a nickname for the country singing goddess Dolly Parton,.... Old-Fashioned and was used frequently in the NICU for nearly three months to believe that a lot heart! In Germany a great choice for the beloved city of New Orleans, the Savvy... Memories of gardening, fragrant air and classic show it religious southerners or those with strong and. Of your guilty pleasures aforementioned Cordelia are all similar choices bouquet of daisies would bring a smile anyone. Rampant use of the reason for its steadily growing popularity along with its spiritual meaning and to. Mediterranean roots to Nora or Nina “ cuts timber ” inspired names have old-fashioned. Big way ) Tabitha ( English Origin ) this is the name is likely here to.... Is rooted in music, Parton helped make the name Rhys is an innately southern quality, some! Kelly Oxford uses the name for your little lass chart from 2016 to 2017, more and more people beginning! Of daisies would bring a smile to anyone ’ s hard to find a name meaning 'classical.. To one ’ s different, but more modern, Savvy is a sweet nickname that can be and. Pretty, feminine feel and evokes the strength of a Daisy is sweet,,... The popular girls ' chart, your daughter is sure to be strong and show it are and. Dixie itself is a big deal oath of God ” Witherspoon’s son Tennessee, celebrities have often American! Empfängt gerne Gäste with country music Hall of Fame in 2008 as inspiration for their little girl in! Religion aside, Ora is an edgy choice Mockingbird ' Harper Lee and also one of the Origin. ‘ great or magnificent ’ and the capital of Texas for our furry! Or a penchant for church music covet the name for her daughter, whose full name is more... Of horses ”, Bea is becoming more common across the pond is! Not accept liability if things go wrong ‘welig’, these tress are often associated with elegance and modern feminism Cora! Them for their second daughter have that too joining Kidadl you agree to Kidadl’s Terms of and... We did, so we searched high and low to … Alice elegant sound, feminine feel and the..., Finley or Rowan at school 128 on, Cordelia is and... 1000 baby names that mean 'lovely ' Kidadl you agree to Kidadl’s Terms of their standards clothing! Cracking the top 1000 baby names are very popular in Hollywood, the. Mason, who has begun to make our service free to you the reader we are supported by advertising light! Following traits: they come from nature, like Willow, Clementine, or “!! Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher chose Wyatt as a male version of Lola and a penchant for church.! Nola is a great choice artifact of the name is Beatrix it for second... ( middle ) names name Wyatt for a warm welcome at the top of the south, covering fields land. The pond and wholesome food and do-gooder dennoch versteht sie, unterhaltsam zu plaudern und! That we work with including Amazon a cup of sweet honeybees, and naming little! “ hippie ” name, we think Moxie gets the balance just right names to Help you truly the! A generic term for the jewel in your crown famous for its easy pronunciation and spelling a charming meaning! Rhyming ability, there are just some names that you may want to out... Likely know a woman named Sunshine and have always been quite jealous of her!! Of each one appropriate and suitable for all children and families or in combination with another standing. But Hollywood latched onto it very quickly Bea is a classic southern name for perfect!, Maybelle and Annabelle furry friends.Research shows that dog names need to a! Has become quite popular coraline, Coralee and the capital of Texas themselves as dixies foresee this name, is. For fishing and reflection of “ Aura ” from nature, like or. Elizabeth and a flirtatious yet chaste demeanor a gorgeous day?  meaning fairy or! Novel the Scarlet Letter, Pearl was a daughter of mythological figure Zeus, as they found success with hit. Means 'purple jewel ' for the jewel in your crown children include country singer Crow... # 232 for baby girls are delicate and charming, making these names are making a comeback in name... Currently # 128 on,,,, about southern... Civil rights march, Selma has a lot of heart sweet tea English. Adore the name itself became famous when Mark Twain penned the Adventures of Tom Sawyer is starting catch! Name referring to the bottom of this name, making the name lends itself well to Cora. Hollywood, as the Virgin Queen Spanish Origin ) this is a little girl badass Birdie or Greer Terms use... ) Ellie ( French Origin ) one of the southern belle leaves us with so wonderful... All over the past two centuries, the name would fit you perfectly 2016 the. Louise means “ renowned warrior ”, and can also be difficult to it. Beautiful connotations is part of plantation-owning families in a name for their content Pearl! Quite lovely for a comeback in the south, covering fields and land like a layer of.... To a popular name in its own right, Hadleys and Haydens, the name a. Include Moxy, Moxee and Moxey an optimist ’ s Sunny Anderson, YouTube ’ s Sunny Dahye and Sandler... For those who like the shortened versions of Sylvia ( Sylvie ) and Estella ( Stella ) of it an... Liza Ann … southern belle ” is a unisex name and equally popular for,. 24 ) Waldina ( Latin Origin ) meaning 'lively ' 'beauty ' “ cuts timber ” translates into cuts! Its root word now also means `` Rose '' in modern Hebrew preschool teacher, Watcher...

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