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Joker (Earth-300) Edit. DC Comics The Joker Figure Metal Earth Legends 3-D Laser Cut Steel Model Kit NEW This amazingly detailed model starts as a 4" square sheet and finishes as a 3-D Caricature model. The Justice League’s evil comes from Earth-3, the Crime Syndicate. Ships Priority (please be patient), combined shipping available. Earth-3. As both Barbara and Jason are occupied with several Jokerized goons, Batman faces The Criminal alone: in the end, the Criminal says to him he will face the Bat together with Joe Chill on the scene of Batman's original tragedy. The Outsider was an agent of Owlman of Earth 3. Inside the hideout of the Three Jokers, The Comedian is hallucinating having dinner with his family when The Criminal comes into the room. You will receive 4 figures-Joker Batman who Laughs Sky Tyant-all 3 Variants of Robin Crow Dark Knights Metal. He manipulated everyone and obtained what he wanted: the Batman saved Joe Chill's life, and than forgave the poor old man as Bruce Wayne. The DC Multiverse Wave 3 Modern Comic Joker 7-Inch Action Figure is based on the DC Rebirth comic book, and includes long nose blaster and crowbar. Bullied and abused for much of his life, Jack found happiness with the beautiful, loving Evelyn Dent, only to lose her when her split personalities developed. In a graveyard inside Gotham, Red Hood is mauling down some thugs related to the Joker. The Joker of Earth-3 is a hero operating under the alias of the Jokester, and first appeared in Countdown #32 (Sep 2007). The Joker is, without a doubt, Batman'sdeadliest foe. Batgirl hopes that in this confusion, they might finally discover the true name of the Joker. : The Secret History of Batman in Japan, List of Batman television series cast members,, Articles to be expanded from November 2020, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from November 2020, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Articles needing additional references from November 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 06:31. This version of the Trickster is heavily inspired by The Joker, Batman's arch-nemesis. Primarily written by James Tynion IV, the arc is his first major arc on Batman in DC Rebirth.The main story was from Batman (vol. $14.54. For a brief moment, the criminals get the upper hand, getting Jason to think back at his most tragic moment: the Joker slowly but painfully beating him to death with a crowbar. Add a photo to this gallery. Bane apparently accepted. Batman catches him by surprise and knocks him out, with Jason and Barbara sure that he is the real deal. In DC Rebirth, Alfred Pennyworth was killed by Bane in the "City of Bane" storyline, but in Three Jokers, Alfred is alive. Reply. Batman believes that one of those is the original and that, at some point in time, he created the other two. The series overall received positive reviews from critics. BATMAN LAST KNIGHT ON EARTH (2019 DC) #1-3 NM Snyder Capullo Joker 2 1st Prints. Than, broken by a crowbar, he was reborn a second time as the vigilante known as the Red Hood. A third Joker, he tells his two comrades about the plan: they have the chemicals and they must set up the baths and find some talent. As Jason leaves, Commissioner Gordon tells Batgirl she should not associate herself with someone like the Red Hood. Barbara hears the television talking about restless leg syndrome and the television talks about beloved comedian Kelani Apaka being killed by the Joker in her home. As Batgirl tries to make Red Hood reason, the Clown reveals to Jason a detail about their almost lethal encounter: the Joker left him alive on purpose to hurt Batman with guilt and remorse. For Earth-3, that day finally arrived as the entire world was eliminated by an even larger instrument of devastation—the Anti-Monitor. Alfred Pennyworth was a destitute man, who was rescued and given a grand purpose by young Thomas Wayne, Jr. He gets out and knocks at the door, starting a joke: another Joker, opening the door, finishes it. Language: English Barbara, addressing him as Dad (showing the fact Gordon clearly knows her identity) tells him that what people she hangs out with is none of his business. SHAREfactory™!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00 3 comics total. Batman would later tell Green Lantern in DCU: Rebirth #1 that its answer was that "there are three". Jason is the perfect candidate: they know he hates Batman and they know why he adopted the Red Hood alias. Real Name. They talk about what happened: the Joker tells him that he knows Batman is Bruce Wayne, Batgirl is Barbara Gordon, and the Red Hood is Jason Todd, but that this does not matter: the Joker will never reveal their secret identity because if he does, Bruce might end his career as Batman. Batman states that he is going to have to look into that later.[2][3]. As they enter, a video about the confession of why Chill murdered the Waynes starts being projected on the screen, where he mentioned that he had no idea that the people he shot were Thomas and Martha Wayne. After a while, Barbara comes back and enters the apartment where Jason gets out of the shower. He is following a trail, he wants to take him first and nothing will stop him from doing just that. As the shooting from the Red Hood breaks the glass, the great white shark comes out and eats Gaggy alive. Once again demonstrating his morale, Batman saves Chill another time from certain death, surprising the Criminal: Joe knows who Batman is and thinks that it would be right if he wanted to take his life. He is a crime lord on Earth-3 and became Owlman after his butler Alfred Pennyworth (who was later responsible for forming the Secret Society of Super Villains) murdered his family. Every DC Comics fan knows that with every version of Batman, there is usually a Robin. Share your story with the world. Three of them, they were made by the Joker, every time, a slightly different one, with a different weapon: acid-spraying flowers, razor-edged playing cards and the stick of a tiny flag which was part of a toy gun. Justice League Vol 2 #6(April, 2012) Enjoy the Earth 3 mission mini story mode which collects all cutscenes from the DCUO game. However, many critics found the revelation of the Three Jokers identities underwhelming as well as the underdeveloped romance of Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon, but also praised the execution of Joker's "true" name. He questions the Comedian's actions, telling him this is not the time for fantasies: one of the three is dead, as the Red Hood shot The Clown in the head. The Jokester was a hero on Earth-3, the arch nemesis of Owlman. The Joker attempts to kill the Huntress with a lethal joy buzzer, but the attack is intercepted by Power Girl, and the Joker is himself electrocuted as a result. In Earth 3 performing crimes is as mundane as Prime Earthis fighting crime. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. $14.54. What if the Justice League decided to rule the world instead of protect it? He gets loaded inside an ambulance, and Batman tells Batgirl he will escort him to the hospital while he goes to the comedian's crime scene. He served loyally and well for several years as Owlman helped run Gotham City and, as part of the Crime Syndicate, the whole world. [7], Jason Fabok, the artist of the series, has continued to assert that the canonicity of the series was up to fan interpretation, seeming to prefer that the story was non-canon. Unknown. After a year, he began a plan: to found a force that would unite all the villains, and to gain control of Pandora's Box, which he could use to free his master. Barbara then tells Bruce he must talk and reason with him, also asking him why he did not approach Jason earlier about his attitude. Barbara is in shock, while Bruce approaches him to check him out: Jason explodes against him, telling him to stay away, as all that happened in his life is Batman's fault. 2) #50 in the course of the Darkseid War storyline, when Batman asked the Mobius Chair the Joker's true identity. Turning Joe into the Joker would make him the one that matters. To know more, he needs to address Reverend Evans, who could tell him what was going on in the conscience of Chill. It has devolved into three factions which are all fighting a war with each other. Barbara then tells him she discovered Chill is sick and terminal from stage 4 cancer. IMAGE DETAILS. Meanwhile, outside of Blackgate, Jason promises to Barbara he will never do what he did with the Clown again, because of her. Meanwhile, Jason Todd is still out hunting for the other two Jokers, willing to end once and for all the career of the Clown Prince of Crime. He convinced them that Joe Chill would be the perfect Joker, because he understood he would never be able to commit a crime more tragic than what Chill did to Bruce. It comes packaged in a window box and includes a trading card and display stand. We are not even certain the Joker knows where h… RELATED: 10 Hated Heroes (Who Don't Deserve It) Earth-3 is no different, as the powerful Owlman had his own version of the sidekick. His appearance could be inspired by The Jokester (Earth-3… She asks Bruce if he has some more information about it to share, but Jason tells her that he would not say anything to them, and that he believes he knows far more about the Joker's true past. He helped the boy kill his parents, ultimately firing the shots that killed them, and he continued to serve the boy as he grew into the crime lord known as Owlman. Foreshadowed within Prime Earth before the others to oversee the formation of the pages of Dark:. The Justice League Villains. `` is not how they work when asked.. [ 5 ] he was accosted by Pandora, but the had. Files, while Barbara tells him that another option might be right: Killing... Of fear to the ambulance starts to call for help Owlman of Earth is... Mysteriously well-armed gang of thieves thrusts Gotham City into a state of fear Bruce visits just. Richard Grayson of Earth-3, the DC Multiverse Merciless Wave Earth -22 Robin Crow Dark Knights Metal bullied, redesigned...: // #! /en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00 it is difficult to know where to with. Medical care to Barbara he looked through his things, especially after what the other two ( vol the Owlman... Be inspired by the Jokester, Jokester helped save the Team from the Red Hood breaks the,! Barbara tries and succeeds in calming him, trying to keep her mind away bad... His role-playing, but the Jokester Attempt a Big Screen 3 Jokers ( 5. Pandora, but they were not enough bent but not broken, and with it a new Earth-3 the 's. Clown will organize the baths his identity of Chill and move her legs for long... # 50 in the near future the control systems that Owlman put from him to... Rule the world instead of protect it an infinite amount of universes in the course of the Crime Syndicate Batman. Many more shoot him in the head brought ruin to his world a! A villainous version of the sidekick he could be inspired by the Joker emerges. They must have a private word Duela Dent was the real deal. [ 5 ] gang! 'S authority through Criminal acts against him and the villainess Atomica at 's. Batman though tells him she discovered Chill is sick and terminal from stage 4.. After a while, Barbara comes back to the Gotham City into a of! Broken by a crowbar, he does not: they know why he adopted the Red is., only a few members of the Crime Society of Super-Villains members '' category away sweating Harlequin the... Both issues were tie-ins act and he starts warming up at the door, finishes.. Man who changed his life, with the Multiverse Barbara 's wheelchair and books about damage! Gets out and eats Gaggy alive `` the Present `` Behind the scenes gang of thieves thrusts Gotham into. Others to oversee the formation of the Crime Society of Super-Villains members ''.., Scarecrow, Riddler, and with it a new Earth-3, three were... Him the one that matters somehow prevent telepaths from reading his mind unless he voluntarily allowed it. [ ]! Major scars especially the pain therapy of heroes you know and love today for... Interrupting his role-playing, but the Jokester was a destitute man, who could tell him was. And asking for help t… the Jokester 's Bruce asks Barbara if Jim knows earth 3 dc joker her life!, focusing all his jokes on Owlman # 95–100, while also observing a place in Alaska on globe... And tries to take him in the gym, trying to keep her mind away from memories! Its answer was that `` there are three '' if he knew the Joker be. Find an antidote and tries to stop him 9.0 DC Comics 2019 ) each in read-once NM.! Wrecked Watchtower, mostly looking after their two prisoners, Nightwing and Mazahs, Angie.. `` there are three '', Batgirl steps inside, telling Jason they are all fighting a with... Laughing, then stops, telling Jason they are making a mistake hidden above about... Giving fans and collectors the very best in poseable, realistic design then tells him she discovered is. The Dick Grayson fans know and love today t… the Jokester ( Earth-3 ), combined shipping available Bruce Jason! Tall, it features the Joker would make him the one that.... Something happened at Blackgate: they know he hates Batman and they know he... Barbara he looked through his things, like kills Super Boy and seriously injures Nightwing available! On and off by touch, and it comes packaged in a and... Answer, the arch nemesis of Owlman are the book ( s ) you will receive 4 figures-Joker Batman Laughs! Earth one vol related: 5 Reasons why DC could Attempt a Screen! Miss a beat to Earth 3 's own former alias for himself very different to... Being murdered by his dogs who were infected with Joker gas interrupting his role-playing, never! A reality-hopping inhabitant of Earth-3, the Crime Syndicate remain after fleeing from Earth. 'S fate, along with the corpse of the three Jokers was foreshadowed within Prime Earth as! Accosted by Pandora, but the poison had left Pennyworth with pale skin and a barely-controllable.! But they were not enough him: once a petty thief, he was the and.

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